Eli and Bo, Highland gelding

I didn't tell my instructor I had a new saddle until he found several improvements in both me and Bo!

Katie and Charlie, Welsh D gelding

'Just wanted to know why you put super glue on my saddle flaps as my legs don't move anymore.

Sue and Chilli, 15hh Coloured SHP Gelding

'Fiona, just to let you know Danni rode for the first time today in her new FCS saddle.  He took a few minutes to settle, then the transformation was amazing.  Danni couldn't believe how straight and forward going he felt.  It's like his education took a giant leap today and we are so happy Fiona. Apart from this it so good on him and showed him off beautifully.  Can't wait to get out competing on him.  Thank you Fiona for our lovely new saddle.'


Jo Williams riding her own Connemara Stallion, Spinway Blackthorn at Olympia 2013.

'Casper went a million times better in his new saddle.  Can't really believe the transformation in his way of going!!  Carol (instructor) was very pleased with the improvement and his ability to improve.  A million thank yous....'

Angela Mckersie and her Connemara, Sammy

Well the boy is back up and running. Have been using my FCS saddle, girth and bridle for his fittening work and a little in the school. The day before his first dressage competetion in weks I thought I had better ride in my dressage saddle. Well he was having none of it. Even tried a cheeky buck. So put him back in FCS for the comp. 66.7% at Novice BD his first outing in months. Then showing clinic and he went like a dream judge loved him. Then yesterday out again BD novive in my FCS tack 67.3%. He clearly loves his new wardrobe. Puts me in a much more balanced position and helps me with my wayward lower leg. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.' Angela, Connemara gelding.

Fiona Cork riding Gunilla Andersson's Menai Christopher

Menai Christopher, a Welsh Section C arrived with me back in November and it was soon clear he could do rather well. We could see he was going to be wide but waited until he was in show condition before measuring him for a saddle. He came out suitable for the Highland saddle (XXXXW) or the standard XXXW. After great debate we went with the XXXW. 
He had been having some success in the Novice classes but I was struggling to achieve his movement in the smaller arenas where we couldn't go at any speed and he seemed a bit on the forehand. We decided to throw him in at the deep end and try an RIHS qualifier last weekend......I NEEDED my new saddle. Albion pulled out all the stops and it arrived 6.30pm the night before! I tried it that evening and was amazed at the new lift he had found in front and his movement was fab.
Off we went to the show, I was sat in the practice arena looking at all the established HOYS ponies trooping round thinking I'd dropped a clanger entering. But we were there so in we went.
He just sailed round...and move, well wow! And at a slower pace, which had been the missing part of the jigsaw! Several competitors came up to comment on his incredible movement- I smiled to myself! The extra balance we had achieved and the freedom of movement through his shoulder was incredible. I smiled all the way round.
More smiling ensued when he only went and won with top ride mark by some way. 
This weekend he again went Champion in an open class and again the judge commented on his polished performance. I'm so excited about this chap...but would he honestly have qualified RIHS without this missing piece of the jigsaw......I think I know the answer to that

Helen Newbold riding her RoR

'It definitely sticks your lower leg in place. I can feel my muscles in my leg are much stronger, it's as if it puts your leg where it should be but still makes you work'

Caitlin Bradley and her Connemara qualifying Amateur riders RIHS

Jo Jack riding Elinor Steven's Highland gelding to win the dressage finals at NPS