Why choose Fiona Cork Showing?

Fiona Cork has successfully shown horses and ponies from Show Ponies and Hunter Ponies to the popular Coloured Horses and Native Ponies

Highlights include:

  • Multiple HOYS Winner
  • Royal Welsh Champion
  • Royal Show Champion
  • Royal Three Counties Champion
  • Royal Highland Champion Royal Three Counties Champion
  • Olympia Finalist

Believe in better.

Fiona believes that her successful results over the years have been achieved through the correct understanding of how to create the best outline and movement from each and every horse.

Working alongside Albion Saddlemakers, Fiona gained an important insight into how the saddle influences the performance of both horse and rider. Fiona designed and developed the Showing Saddle Collection  to enhance a horse’s balance and maximise freedom of movement. These saddles encourage the rider to sit technically correct, secure and balanced, creating the perfect presentation for the show ring.

A new breed of saddle.

As a highly successful competitor, Fiona felt there was a distinct need and desire to create the ultimate show saddle and wanted to give something back to the show industry. She understands that a correctly fitting, comfortable saddle combined with a balanced and secure rider can only increase performance. Fiona shares her secrets into this new breed of show saddle and proudly launches the Fiona Cork Showing Saddle Collection.